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Dr. Kessler’s Patriot Program | Corona Del Mar, CA

Patriot Program at Kessler Cosmetic Surgery

The brave men and women of the United States military have made a strong commitment to protect our country. Everyday, in many different ways, they defend our home and our rights as Americans. Kessler Cosmetic Surgery would like to recognize these amazing people by offering the Patriot Program.

The Patriot Program:

The Patriot Program Newport BeachTo thank our servicemen and women, Dr. Kessler has established the Patriot Program. Any active member and their spouse of the Armed Forces will receive a 15 percent discount on our surgical procedures. Designed to honor those who are or have served, the Patriot Program is available to anyone currently serving in the military, National Guard, or U.S. Army Reserve.

While there are multiple reasons that may bring an individual into the Kessler Cosmetic Surgery office, there is always a common goal: to look the best possible. Some patients are gearing up for their life outside of the military, while others simply want to improve their physical appearance while they continue to serve our country. In either situation, cosmetic surgery is a building block of future success as it builds confidence, self-esteem, and pride.

Newport Beach, CA Dr. Kessler’s Patriot Program
Dr, Kessler and his daughter.

The Patriot Program 15 percent discount applies to any surgical procedure offered at Kessler Cosmetic Surgery. A few examples of these procedures include:

Kessler Cosmetic Surgery:

Chances are you or someone you know is in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, or U.S. Reserve. It will be our honor to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and skill with these brave individuals. Members of the military are encouraged to stop by our office and find out exactly what we can do to improve their world.

Kessler Cosmetic Surgery is located in Corona del Mar, California. Specializing in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Kessler has been providing rejuvenating procedures to patients for over 10 years. As a Veteran of the US Air Force himself, Dr. Kessler understands the sacrifice each and every person serving our country makes on a daily basis. The staff at Kessler Cosmetic Surgery is proud to offer the Patriot Program to these incredible individuals. Contact our office at 949-644-6544 for more information, or to schedule a consultation appointment.

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