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Brazilian Butt Lift in Newport Beach

Newport Beach Brazilian Butt Lift Patient

Individual Results May Vary


Human fat can be used to restore volume to the contours of the face and body, including the buttocks. Augmentation of the buttocks will add an aesthetically pleasing curve to a flat derriere and elevate it to a youthful height.

Candidates for fat grafting to the buttocks, which is sometimes called a Brazilian butt lift, is often performed on women who have experienced volume loss, either as a result of age, genetics, or weight loss.

Fat grafting has several benefits. Aside from the intended enhancement of the buttocks, the site which the fat was obtained from also receives some contouring through liposuction.

The procedure is minimally invasive and often preferred over implants by surgeons and patients. Since the augmenting material is a natural substance, the look and feel of the buttocks appears to be soft and with no palpable implants. Dr. Rob Kessler performs Brazilian butt lifts at his Newport Beach plastic surgery office.


There are several steps in a fat grafting procedure. First, the fat is harvested with tumescent liposuction. Common fat donor sites include the thighs, flanks, or abdomen where there is enough robust fat to use in the buttocks. To perform liposuction, a 0.5cm incision is made, just large enough for a cannula to fit through.

Tumescent liposuction involves the use of a liquid solution that includes local anesthesia. The method allows for easier extraction of the fat and minimizes blood loss.

After suctioning out the fat and closing the small incision, the fat is prepared to be transferred. It is then injected into the buttocks with a needle. Injections are made at varying depths in order to create the most natural-looking shape.

Dr. Kessler performs fat grafting for the buttocks in an accredited outpatient surgery center using general anesthesia to optimize patient comfort. For most patients the surgery takes two to four hours. The length of the procedure will vary based on the degree of volume that needs to be added to the buttocks.


The results of a fat transfer to the buttocks procedure are long-lasting. At five days post-op the stitches placed following liposuction will be removed. Your results may vary, but by seven to ten days most patients should be able to return to work. A special garment will need to be worn for four weeks to provide support to the new contour and reduce swelling.

Although work and other light activity can resume after one week, it will take two weeks before exercise and more strenuous activities can be resumed. Prior to two weeks post-op, patients should also not sit directly on the buttocks and instead rest most of their weight on their thighs. Sleeping on the stomach or side is preferred.

Fat grafting to the buttocks results in little to no scarring, but patients should expect side effects while they recover. Swelling and bruising of the affected areas, as well as some discomfort can occur. The buttock volumizing procedure has many of the same risks as fat transfer to other parts of the body. Complications can arise in both the fat donor site and the buttocks.

Fortunately complications are rare, but serious side effects may include excessive bleeding, infection, contour irregularities, and the need for multiple procedures. Risks can be minimized by carefully following the surgeon’s instructions and keeping him informed of any health concerns.

What is a Buttock Fat Graft?
A Buttock Fat Graft, also known as a Fat Transfer, is a cosmetic procedure designed to add lift and volume to the butt; it will address problems that may result from genetics or the aging process.

How is a Fat Transfer procedure performed on the buttocks?
To begin a Fat Graft to the buttocks, Dr. Kessler will remove fatty tissue from a donor area elsewhere on the body. A state-of-the-art purifying process will separate and sterilize fat cells. Dr. Kessler will then inject the fatty tissue into the buttocks with a small needle, gently sculpting the body’s contour.

Where does the fat come from?
Donor tissue for a Buttock Fat Graft will normally come from a patient’s thighs, stomach, or lower back.

Who is a good candidate for a Buttock Fat Graft?
Healthy men and women, experiencing a loss of tissue elasticity or depletion of volume in the buttocks may make an excellent candidate for the Buttock Fat Graft procedure.

Where is the procedure performed?
Dr. Kessler’s Buttock Fat Graft will be performed at the Star Point Surgery Center, on an outpatient basis.

What type of anesthesia is used?
General anesthesia is normally used during the Buttock Fat Graft.

How long is the fat grafting procedure?
A Fat Graft to the buttocks will take around three hours. The majority of this time is devoted to the meticulous harvesting and processing of living fatty tissue.

How long is the recovery period?
Most patients need to expect between a one and two week recovery period after their Buttock Fat Graft.* Some discomfort and swelling may be immediately noticeable, but these will resolve over a few days.* Patients should avoid sitting on their bottom for the first seven to ten days to allow for proper healing.

How soon will I see the results?
Much of the benefit from a Buttock Fat Graft will be immediately noticeable.* The full results of the procedure will be noticeable in about three months, as the swelling subsides.*

When can I return to work?
Your case may vary, but typically patients feel well enough to work five to seven days after a Butt Fat Graft procedure.*

Will there be scarring after a Fat Graft?
No, as the fat is placed with a tiny needle, scarring does not occur after a Buttock Fat Graft.*

What are the risks involved with this procedure?
Buttock Fat Graft holds very low incidence of complication. As the body’s own fatty tissue is utilized, there is no chance for rejection or allergic reaction. On the rare occasion, problems such as bleeding, scarring, and permanent discoloration have been known to occur.*

How long will the results last?
The benefits from a Fat Graft to the buttocks last indefinitely.* Living tissue is utilized in the procedure. This will adhere to the existing tissue and continue to thrive, providing long lasting results.

Do you offer financing?
Patients are welcome to pay for their Buttock Fat Graft with cash, all major credit cars, and healthcare financing. CareCredit is available for qualified applicants, and upon approval, can be used immediately.

*Your Results May Vary

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Your results may vary

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