Imagine being in your seventies or eighties. You are in great health; you live an active lifestyle and enjoy a wonderful quality of life. You wake up one morning and stretch—you feel energized and ready to tackle your day. But when you go look in your bathroom mirror, you’re staring at a reflection of someone who looks much older than what you feel. The signs of your age—perhaps sagging skin, wrinkles and sunspots—don’t really reflect how healthy and young you feel on the inside.

We are hearing more and more stories like this one. Senior clients regularly tell us how young they feel—and that they want to look it, too! We’re seeing a growing trend of seniors taking control of their lives and opting for plastic surgery. They’re tossing stereotypes to the wind—notions that surgery is for younger people, recent moms or celebrities.

An example of this trend: We recently performed plastic surgery on a 79 year-old healthy, vibrant woman. She is enjoying life, is active and feels young. She finally made the commitment to herself to display her inner feelings in her outward appearance. She initially came in for a face-lift. Her surgery was successful and went as planned—and she looked fantastic. She was so ecstatic about it that she came back for a tummy tuck next! This went very well and she decided to have her arms lifted. All this was done in time for her to recover and celebrate her eightieth birthday in style.

No added complications in plastic surgery for seniors

If you are over 65 but have no current health issues, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the benefits of plastic surgery. We screen clients of all ages the same. Being a bit older does not mean that you’re not eligible; that you’re higher risk or that the surgery will be more complicated. Actually, studies have shown that there is no higher risk for a senior than for a younger person! The doctors at Vanderbilt recently reported that the rate of complications post operation for younger people versus patients who are 65 and older is basically the same.

The results and recovery

Seniors receiving treatments will be very pleased with their results. But it’s important to approach your surgery with a realistic attitude. Plastic surgery will no doubt make you look younger—but it’s not going to be your fountain of youth.

Recovery time for those 65 and older may take a few days longer, and it will vary procedure to procedure. But the differences in approach and recovery are not substantial.

Look the way you feel

Plastic surgery, advanced technology and better healthcare across the board are joining forces to give seniors more options than ever to look the way they feel. We are living longer than ever. There is no reason why you can’t look as vibrant as your mind and active lifestyle proves you to be.

If you’d like to discuss your desires for a youthful appearance, we’re here to talk and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

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