The term Gummy Bear Implants refers to a breast augmentation performed with gel implants that are highly cohesive, or form-stable. What this means is that the gel implant (as opposed to a saline implant) retains its shape. Gummy Bear is certainly not a medical term, but it’s a buzzword that’s been widely used. It was chosen because the gel is slightly firmer than round silicone implants and has the feel of the candy Gummy Bears. And note: all gel implants are considered cohesive, it’s just that Gummy Bear implants are more cohesive which allows them to maintain their shape.

What this translates to for the patient, though, is the firmer implant has a more profound impact on breast shape. Also, because Gummy Bear implants have a textured outer shell, they are less likely to rotate or spin once inserted into the breast. This is necessary since a shaped implant which has rotated or spun from its original location would look odd—and certainly is not what any client wishes to happen.

The truth is, all breast implants have pros and cons. While Gummy Bear implants tends to be the buzzword today when it comes to breast augmentations, they are not necessarily the right implant for everyone. Read on to find out why.

How are Gummy Bear implants different from other breast implants?

Gummy Bear implants are considered the latest in breast technology in the U.S. but take note: other countries have been using them and experimenting with them for years before they were approved here in the U.S.! Round gel implants were the original, and they are still widely used. Saline became popular once the silicone implants were placed under investigation in the early 90’s. Although the saline implants have limitations, the advantage is the ruptured saline implants deflate and are easily recognized. Cohesive gel implants were placed back on the market 5 years ago after extensive study proved their safety. Both the saline and basic gel implants occasionally have issues with a wavy, ripple-like texture. Out of the two, saline implants are more prone to leaks, leaks that are noticeable almost immediately and always require another surgery to replace the original implant.

The difference is that Gummy Bear implants are more cohesive than all other implants available on the market today. They come with a textured shell. This combination should decrease the chance of rippling and capsular contracture. This can aid in preventing scarring and leaks which is the biggest benefit.

What are the disadvantages of Gummy Bear Implants?

With Gummy Bear implants being the latest technology, and with them being hyped so much in mainstream media, you may immediately think they are the best way to go. But like anything, there are disadvantages to consider. Several clients feel Gummy Bear implants feel slightly less natural since they have a thicker consistency. Additionally, since they are so stable and don’t change shape, this can also lend itself to a slightly less natural appearance. There are also fewer shapes to choose from versus regular, smooth and round gel implants. This currently means less fullness of the breast above the nipple. And lastly, because Gummies are “new” here in the U.S., doctors simply don’t have as much experience with them. These are all things to consider and discuss with your doctor when choosing an implant that is best for you and your goals.

How do I choose what kind of breast implant to get?

Choosing the right doctor and the right kind of breast implant are critical to the success of your breast augmentation or reconstruction. There are numerous factors to consider: how much tissue you have to work with, your body type, how you want the breast to feel, what look you’re going for and so on.

Sitting down with your doctor and having a discussion on all of these issues is the best way to start. Your doctor can advise you on the best implant for your body type and to achieve what you’re looking for. Review photos of breasts in frontal and side view positions to help understand upper pole fullness options, evaluate your surgeons before and after photos to see the results match your chosen aesthetic and make sure you can communicate well with your surgeon so you know they can give you what you hope to achieve.

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