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Facial Surgery

Kessler Facial Plastic Surgery

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Facial Plastic Surgery

The face is one area of the body not typically concealed by clothing. As a result it is usually the first thing others notice about a person. It also experiences greater exposure to the sun, wind, heat, and cold than the rest of the body. Add in factors like age, gravity, and genetics, and you can see why the face requires a lot of care and attention in order to retain a fresh, youthful appearance. However, despite the most diligent skin care regimen and artful use of makeup, the face can still show signs of wear. Dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, and loss of volume in some areas with fat accumulation in others can be unavoidable, but certainly not non-treatable.

Facial plastic surgery offers many treatments for an aging face, from skin tightening to nose reshaping. There is a solution for nearly any concern. A few hours in the physician’s operating room and a couple weeks of recovery will yield stunning results that will have you questioning the date on your birth certificate.

Many patients undergo facial procedures to look better and also feel refreshed mentally. The following surgeries are common procedures that help Dr. Kessler achieve his patients’ goals.

Ear Surgery (otoplasty) – Overly large and prominent ears can detract from a person’s natural beauty because they are unbalanced with the size of the head and other facial features. In young children it can be particularly embarrassing and a source of teasing. Candidates for ear surgery are children over the age of six and adults. Defects such as “lop ear” and “cupped ears” can be correcting with pinning and reshaping of the cartilage.

Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty) – Droopy eyelids and bags beneath the eyes can cause a person to look older and more tired than they really are. They can also impair vision. Eyelid surgery is performed on the upper and/or lower eyelids when the eye region requires a more rested appearance or improvement in visibility. Excess fat, skin, and muscle are removed, allowing the eyelids to function properly.

Facelift – Many patients look and feel 10 years younger after a SMAS facelift. The facelift tightens facial skin that has become lax with age and other factors. The procedure restores the youthful V shape of the face by eliminating jowls and droopy skin around the chin and neck. Special attention is given when repositioning the skin to ensure the face still moves naturally.

Fat Transfer – Fat transfer offers several benefits. The first is increased volume and wrinkle reduction in the face, similar to the effects of dermal fillers. A significant advantage is that the fat is harvested from the patient’s own body, eliminating the risk of allergic reaction or rejection. Another benefit is that the liposuction portion of the treatment will improve the contour of the donor site. Fat transfer can also be performed for the breasts and buttocks.

Forehead Lift – Low eyebrows cause certain facial expressions that communicate feelings you may not have, such as anger. A forehead lift raises the brows and allows you to show only the emotions you intend to. Sometimes elevating the brow reduces hooding of the eyes, which can impact vision. The procedure also smooths wrinkles in the forehead, helping patients to look younger.

Lip Augmentation Fuller lips are attainable with lip augmentation. The procedure is performed on patients looking to increase lip volume or who would like to see better definition around the lips. The lips are enhanced by injecting a filler agent into the area.

Rhinoplasty A nose that is out of balance with the rest of the face can be an eyesore and difficult to oversee. For many patients it can be a detriment to their self-confidence. Rhinoplasty is performed to reshape the nose, improving size, shape, and projection. Nasal surgery can also improve defects that obstruct the airway.

To discuss facial plastic surgery options in further detail, schedule a consultation at Dr. Kessler’s office today.

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