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Blu-U Skin Treatment

Blu-U Light Treatment to Reduce AcneBlu-U

Photodynamic therapy combines topical medications and special light sources to treat certain skin conditions. Two of the most commonly treated disorders are precancerous growths and acne.

Blu-U is considered a very safe procedure that penetrates to the exact tissue level necessary to result in successful outcomes for these purposes.

The Blu-U Procedure

High intensity blue light photofacial therapy, with or without levulinic acid, has proven to be an excellent treatment for teen and adult patients with mild to moderately severe acne. It is also used for individuals who have actinic keratosis and premalignant lesions from sun damage.

Performed in the office in 1 ½ hours on average, Blu-U does not cause discomfort and requires no anesthesia. It may be used on patients of all skin types, ranging from light to dark pigmentation.

When combined with a topical solution of levulinic acid, Blu-U works to kill the acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium and reduce over-activity in oil glands.* The medication makes the bacteria, as well as precancerous sun spots, more sensitive to the blue light. As a result, the therapy is attributed to improved skin texture, as well as prevention of skin cancer.*

Prior to treatment the skin is cleansed. Next, a topical ointment may be applied to help the skin absorb the light. It can take approximately 30 minutes for the medication to be adequately absorbed by the skin. Once ready, patients sit comfortably while the affected skin is targeted with the blue light.

Blu-U Recovery

Blu-U results in long-lasting improvement of skin health. Treatment requires 3 days of recovery before returning to work and exercise routines or other strenuous activities. It may take about a week before significant improvement in the quality of the skin is seen. Minor skin irritation is a complication that can occur following treatment. There may be some redness and mild blistering or bruising at the targeted areas. Avoiding the sun will help the skin to heal as quickly as possible. Here are some other non-surgical treatments you might be interested.

What is a Blu-U?
Blu-U is a photofacial therapy treatment, using pulses of a high intensity blue light. Primarily designed to address precancerous growths and acne, the Blu-U procedure is an excellent choice for patients with premalignant lesions from sun damage.

How does Blu-U work?
The high intensity blue light is combined with a topical levulinic solution; this has the ability to kill Propionibacterium, the bacteria which causes acne. The treatment will also reduce over activity in the facial oil glands. Additionally the levulinic acid specifically targets premalignant lesions and age spots like actinic and seborrheic keratosis.

How is the Blu-U procedure performed?
Dr. Kessler will clean the skin, then apply a topical ointment designed to assist the skin in absorbing the Blu-U’s blue light. After the medication has been absorbed by the skin, taking approximately 30 minutes for acne and up to 2 hours for premalignant lesions, a blue light will be targeted at the predetermined areas of the face.

Who is a good candidate for a Blu-U procedure?
Anyone with moderate to severe acne, sun damage, or textural irregularities can make an excellent Blu-U candidate. Blu-U is safe for patients of all skin types, from light to dark complexions.*

Where is the Blu-U procedure performed?
Dr. Kessler provides the Blu-U treatment at his state-of-the-art, Newport Beach office.

What type of anesthesia is used during a Blu-U procedure?
A Blu-U treatment causes minor discomfort, therefore it does not require anesthesia.

How long does a Blu-U treatment take to complete?
A Blu-U session will take approximately an hour and a half from start to finish.

What can I expect from the Blu-U recovery time?
Immediately after a Blu-U treatment, many patients will experiences minor skin irritation, redness, and bruising along the targeted areas. Mild blistering may occur, as well. Patients should avoid sun exposure, to assist in a fast and safe healing process.

When can I return to work after a Blu-U treatment?
Patients should expect to take three days away from work or school to recovery from a Blu-U procedure, after which time they may comfortably return to work or school.

What are the risks of a Blu-U procedure?
The Blu-U treatment is considered safe, with only the rare chance for complications.* Although uncommon, there is a small chance for delayed wound healing or permanent scarring.* Since the skin is not broken during a Blu-U treatment, there is no chance of infection.

Can I finance my Blu-U procedure?
Certainly, financing is available for the Blu-U treatment, as well as all other procedures at Kessler Plastic Surgery. Healthcare financing is made possible through CareCredit. Visit their website or contact our office for more detailed information.

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