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Radiesse Injections in Newport Beach

Radiesse Newport Beach CA RADIESSE TREATMENT

Facial aging is a normal progression that is inevitable since we cannot stop time. However, we do have the ability to control what we do about the wrinkles that appear.

Women and men who feel more youthful than the wrinkles and limp skin on their face suggests can compensate for a reduced production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid with facial fillers. Radiesse is one product designed to provide support to the structure of the skin.

Use of the product can result in a refreshed appearance with noticeable improvement in wrinkles, fine lines, skin laxity, and fullness.*

How Radiesse is Used

Radiesse, comprised of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in gel, is used for facial augmentation of the malar (cheek) and pre-jowl areas. Smile lines, marionette lines, chin wrinkles, and the corners of the mouth have been significantly improved by injections of Radiesse.* It is also a superb product for the rejuvenation of the hands.* Volume is immediately increased, giving the targeted area a subtle lift.*

Fine lines and folds of the skin are also smoothed.* While providing instant rejuvenation of the face, Radiesse also has the unique advantage of stimulating natural collagen production.* Increased collagen growth creates long-lasting effects that continue for longer than the actual Radiesse product is present.*

Radiesse is one of a few wrinkle fillers with the capability to provide immediate improvement of volume as well as promote the natural stimulation of collagen.*

Patients who are in generally good health with realistic expectations about the benefits that facial fillers offer may be good candidates for the treatment of facial and hand volume loss. The CaHA in Radiesse is similar to minerals found naturally in the body, so allergy testing is not required.

The in-office procedure takes approximately 30 minutes for the surgeon to perform, depending on the extent of correction desired. The local anesthetic lidocaine is included in the product’s solution. In addition to the use advanced injection techniques, this makes the procedure virtually painless for most patients.*

The Results

The results following the injection of this filler are noticeable right away and may last for up to a year or more before additional injections are needed for maintenance. Individuals who receive Radiesse treatments may return to work immediately.*

Strenuous activities, such as exercise, should be avoided for the first 24 to 48 hours to prevent contour irregularities.* Minor complications that can arise include redness and some swelling of the treatment site.* Bruising is also common. Such side effects are temporary and resolve shortly after the procedure.*

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is in a family of cosmetic treatments called dermal fillers; comprised of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a smooth gel. Radiesse is excellent for the temporary filling in areas of depleted facial volume, such as the cheeks and also of the back of the hands.*

Who is a candidate for a treatment with Radiesse?

Anyone in generally good health, experiencing a depletion of volume in the cheek, or the back of the hand, can make an excellent candidate for a treatment with Radiesse.

Where are Radiesse injections performed?

Dr. Kessler performs Radiesse, and all dermal filler injections, at his state-of-the-art office suite.

How is the procedure performed?

After Dr. Kessler determines and marks the targeted area of the face, he will inject small amounts of Radiesse under the skin with a thin needle.

How long do Radiesse injections take?

Depending on the extent of correction, Radiesse injections take less than 30 minutes in our office.

How long will the results of Radiesse last?

The benefits from a Radiesse treatment will last 12 months or longer.*

Are the injections painful?

A treatment with Radiesse is virtually painless; most patients report minimal to no discomfort during their injections.*

Is there any need for anesthesia?

No anesthetic is needed during a treatment with Radiesse, as a Lidocaine solution is included within each injection.*

Is there a recovery period after the injections?

Initially, patients may experience some redness and swelling at the treatment site, although this will dissipate very quickly.* Bruising may occur, as well. Work or school can be resumed immediately, but strenuous activities and exercise should be postponed for the first 24-48 hours.*

Will I have to miss any work?

Patients are able to return to work or school immediately after a treatment with Radiesse.*

Are there any associated risks?

Radiesse injections are considered extremely safe. If, on the rare chance, complications occur, these can include infection, scarring, area numbness, and facial asymmetry.*

Is financing available?

Patients are welcome to finance their Radiesse injections, as well as any other procedure, through CareCredit. Contact Kessler Plastic Surgery for more information on healthcare financing or go to carecredit.com to apply online.

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