Exilis is a noninvasive and painless procedure used to tighten skin and reduce fat deposits on your body. If you’ve considered having a surgery like a facelift or liposuction, but are not completely committed to the idea of surgery just yet, then Exilis may be the alternative treatment for you.

Exilis is used in any area you would like to tighten and smooth the skin, or reduce fatty deposits. Examples of these areas could be along your thighs, throughout your waist and along your neck and jowl areas. By tightening your skin, Exilis gives you a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. It adds contour and definition to areas that have grown lax or loose over time, such as your waist line or even your abs.

How does Exilis work?

Exilis uses radio frequency (RF) to generate thermal energy to tighten and reduce fat cells. Your doctor will use a special hand piece for your face and another for your body to target any “problem areas”. The skin tissue layers are penetrated but you have no need to be concerned with damage, incisions or scarring, and no anesthesia or pain medication is required. In fact, Exilis usually just takes 15-20 minutes per problem area!

The shrinking of the fat cells due to heat has the desirable side effect of improving skin texture. Many clients see benefits in cellulite problem areas, such as the thighs, but the real benefit of Exilis is its contouring ability. Your skin will look and feel smooth, tighter and more elastic and youthful. Another beneficial effect from Exilis? It stimulates your body’s natural collagen production, helping you look and feel great longer, your body’s natural way.

How long does Exilis last and what happens after treatment?

The reduction of fat deposits are permanent, but you will need to match this to your diet and exercise plan for this to happen. New fat deposits can form. The tightening effects of Exilis are long-lasting but this doesn’t mean that you stop aging. The aging process will continue. Patients generally come in for several repeat treatments, often coming in for a series of four treatments initially and then a treatment at least once a year if they wish to continue.

Exilis is a great option for patients who are not ready for more intense procedures like liposuction. It is noninvasive and done in a safe environment. With virtually no recovery time and a pain-free experience, this treatment is a popular treatment to try if you want to smooth skin tone and are seeking a shapely, contoured body.

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