Kessler Plastic Surgery Yelp reviews
Dr. Kessler is extremely talented, smart, highly trained, experienced and I would only use him for all my aesthetic needs. He helped my 14 year old daughter when she had a huge gash on her forehead. He put her at ease and did magic. After 8 stitches and 4 months later she looks amazing! You really have to look for the area that was wounded! I only refer my personal friends, family and of course myself to Dr. Kessler. He has great bedside manners and he is very passionate about his work. People come from all over the world just to see him and I feel so blessed he is just down the street. Please take the time to make an appointment if you are considering any aesthetic needs, he really is the best around. Your face is everything and you need to really know who to trust to do the best possible work and get the best results. For me I would only use Dr. Kessler.