I have been a patient of Dr. Robert Kesslers’ for a little over 10 years, beginning Botox injections at age 28. I began receiving Botox injections, in general, as a safe guard to prevent wrinkles in the future. These procedures, over the years, have been well worth it on all accounts and is nearly painless. Dr. Kessler and I would decribe the feeling like that of a bee sting. I feel that Dr. Kessler is truly an expert at this procedure in particular because, his technique still allows me to have full expression in my face without looking like I had any work done. Dr. Kessler also cares deeply for his patients and would never perform any procedures that would ultimately hurt them physically or psychologically. Dr. Kessler is truly a thought leader and expert in his craft and I recommend he and his practice to all of my friends and family.