A good friend of mine is patient of Dr. Robert Kessler. She got beautiful breast implants that go so well with her body and personality that you would never know that they are implants (yes, that is amazing). She couldn’t say better things about Dr. Kessler and encouraged me to visit him to find out my options for the same procedure. I accepted and we went together to the consultation. I loved the kind and caring personality of Dr. Kessler and how he tries to know the patient’s interests and fears to give them the best recommendations on what would go best with the procedure you would like to have done. Dr. Kessler is so careful on everything, takes the time to explain you everything about the surgery and the options available and what to expect after surgery as well. Dr. Kessler really is serious about taking care of his patients, and his staff is as caring as him. I am completely happy with every visit, before and after surgery experiences and all this is a direct result of how your doctor cares about you as a patient. I recommend Dr. Kessler for any kind of procedure, he is wonderful.