I moved to Laguna Beach from the Bay area and followed a suggestion to work with a Dr in Newport. All I can say is that my face was terribly injected and I have spent the last year trying to get it straightened out. I came to Dr. Kessler dejected and angry-I had seen another Dr. in the interum with no luck in fixing what was a true botch job. From my first phone call to Dr. Kessler’s office I felt there was the possibility he could save my face and he has done just that! His manor is warm and welcoming, the office gals are so sweet and will bend over backwards to help with info, support and suggestions. I am a super fan- my face is finally starting to look like my own again and I will continue to work with Dr. Kessler and his office for any and all needs going forward. I am truly grateful for the support, the amazing artistry and real intelligence that Dr. Kessler provides every time I see him. He is fabulous!!!!