At 59 years old and having lost over 60 pounds, I was in the midst of a transformation. I would feel more complete if I could get rid of the sagging skin that enveloped me. I spoke to my internist about this and he recommended Dr. Robert Kessler. After researching and visiting other doctors in the area, I met with Dr. Kessler and was instantly impressed by his gentle demeanor and confidence. (Not to mention his education and Air Force credentials)… He gave me his total attention and was very thorough in his explanations of the procedures I came in to discuss. He answered all of my questions and then some, and I couldn’t wait to have him start with my tummy tuck, which he did in November of 2012. I knew just what to expect and was (and am) beyond thrilled with the results!! He is an artist! A sculptor. I was able to heal and continue with my exercise in record time. And in January of 2013, Dr. Kessler did my full face lift. I woke up without even a band aid on my face! Not a piece of gauze, a piece of tape, nothing! It was/is, and he is amazing! I get compliments often of “you look rested”, or “you look 20 years younger”! It is all so natural looking. Dr. Kessler is a kind and caring doctor who is incredibly generous with his time before, during and especially after surgery. His staff is compassionate and efficient. There isn’t enough time and space for me to say enough about Dr. Robert Kessler and what a fine man he is. I hope if you’re reading this, you’ll go in and interview him before making a decision to entrust your body to another doctor.