Dr. Kessler performed an Ultherapy treatment to my lower face and upper neck area 3 days ago in his office. I am 47 years old & about a year ago, I began noticing that my neck and lower face was beginning to show the first signs of aging with skin laxity and heavy jowls. Needless to say, I didn’t like what I was seeing. During my treatment, I chose not to have numbing as I know that I have a fairly high pain tolerance. About half way through my treatment (which took 1 hour) I felt occasional moments of “electrical shocks” which went away after a few seconds. As a side note, Dr. Kessler offers a local anesthetic for patients to be pain free during the treatment. I am now 3 days post treatment & have zero bruising or redness & I have slight tenderness/numbness to my treatment areas. I am so excited to see my results in 3 months (just in time for my daughters wedding next Spring!) I definitely trust Dr. Kessler’s expertise as a board certified Plastic Surgeon & his facial rejuvenation recommendations for the aging face & body.