I had my breast augmentation done in March of this year. The whole experience was so amazing. Dr. Kessler was the only surgeon I met with that took his time with me and explained the procedure and my options carefully. Other surgeons were either in a rush or seemed pushy for me to close the deal. He is the only one I felt comfortable with so when my finances were in order, I gave his office a call right away to set up a date for surgery.

Another great thing about Dr. Kessler is that he orders multiple size and type implants if you are unsure of what you want. He tried a couple during my surgery and went with what looks best. I was shocked at how well I felt after surgery. I rested that day and came to see him the next day. From there on , I came in many times to make sure everything was healing great and it did. We did not have any complications. I feel like he is such a great doctor that if we did have complications, he would make me feel taken care of and deal with it. When I read reviews for other plastic surgeons, many of them don’t want to deal with negative outcomes and end up making their patients feel alone and abandoned. Dr. Kessler is a great person and an amazing surgeon and would never want to make someone feel like that.

My breasts are so sexy and full, yet they look very natural. I’m so glad they don’t look like two hard balls like some implants I’ve seen that are done by other surgeons. I made a great decision with Dr. Kessler.