In addition to being an incredibly skilled, knowledgeable surgeon, Dr. Kessler an extremely professional, kind, and caring doctor. Right from the start it is apparent how much Dr. Kessler cares about his patients. In my experience, he spent a great deal of time getting to know me, what my issues/concerns were, and what I was hoping to achieve. In turn, he took time to communicate clearly and concisely, the different procedures and what to expect with each. I have seen Dr. Kessler for Botox and filler for almost 10 years and have always felt confident when leaving his office. He is like an artist, knowing exactly were to put the Botox to lift my brows and eliminate wrinkles, not only to make me look younger, but to make me looked rested. I exercise about 5 days a week, and could not reduce my cellulite on my outer thigh or the fat on my inner thigh. I recently went to him for six Vanquish treatments to non-surgically reduce the stubborn fat to get ready for my up coming wedding. I was blown away by this treatment and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who asks. Each of the Vanquish sessions took about an hour with the machine placed around each leg for about 30min. The treatment was honestly really relaxing as the machine does not touch your skin and it heats up the tissue using radio frequent energy to kill fat cells that your body then natural eliminates. Dr. Kessler would strategically place the machine around my thigh in specific places to target fat pockets, then he would turn off the lights in the room and I would nap while the machine warmed up my leg, after one leg was done he would do the same to the other leg. In my experience the Vanquish treatments tightened my skin, reducing my cellulite and slimmed both my inner and outer thigh area. My inner thighs now no longer touch, which they always have in the past. I had such success with the Vanquish treatment I am now going to try it on my stomach area. I can not say enough great things about Dr. Kessler and I am grateful to him for recommending the Vanquish treatments to me.