I came to Dr. Kessler with a real problem — my original breast implants of 26 years (original silicone type) were leaking, encapsulated, and had been causing me slowly increasing amounts of pain for the last few years. Encapsulation and gravity had taken its toll on my overall breast appearance. After a year’s worth of research, I decided to give Dr. Kessler a visit. I could not have been more impressed. Unlike so many other cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Kessler was calm, attentive, and really paid attention to what I asked for. He didn’t try to pressure me into any procedures and was up front and honest not only about the risks of my procedure, but the cost as well.

The day of the surgery Dr. Kessler was a true hero. See, I had one other desired outcome of all this — I wanted to go down in size. After a couple decades with my original large implants, I realized I’d rather give my body and back a break. Plus, I wanted to stay perky longer! Dr. Kessler understood this, but was honest with me about the fact that given the measurement of my one non-encapsulated breast, there was only so small he could go and still produce visually pleasing results. I accepted that.

However when he got me into surgery and discovered that my “non-encapsulated” breast really was encapsulated as well, he immediately made an on-the-fly decision, and had the smaller size I wanted COURIERED in during the procedure, while I was still under! That call turned out to be an excellent one.

Afterwards, Dr. Kessler’s staff really bent over backwards to make me comfortable, even when I experienced great anxiety during stitch removal.

The subsequent result is that I now have the more comfortable breast size I desired, my constant pain from the original implant encapsulation is gone, and the visual appearance of the result is nothing less than SPECTACULAR!! My husband can’t stop talking about how he’s married to a girl with the breasts of a 20 year old!

Thank you so much to Dr. Kessler and his AMAZING staff who helped guide us through every step of the procedure and recovery process. Your services are worth every penny.