My sister had been told she might need surgery on a somewhat rare type of growth on her ear, and we chose Dr Kessler because of his background in reconstructive surgery and Mohs surgery. Fortunately, the conservative treatment that had been begun up in Idaho where she lives was having a good result, and Dr Kessler recommended that she keep doing that, and would undoubtedly not need surgery.

At the same time, he spent time looking at red spots that developed recently on my skin, explained them carefully, and recommended a possible treatment. We were both so impressed with the time he took, the research he had done on my sister’s condition, and the general ambience in his office. It was a wonderful surprise to also find that there was absolutely no charge! I will be seriously considering having Dr Kessler treat my red spots, even though they are not covered by my insurance.

Thank you, Dr Kessler and staff