Dr. Kessler Speaks About Diet Resistant Fat

Dr. Kessler Speaks About Diet Resistant FatDr. Kessler, a participant and partner of Shape-up Fitness Corona Del Mar, spoke on May 10, 2014 about non-invasive options to target exercise and diet resistant fat.

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International Committee

International CommitteeDr. Kessler, shown here, is a member of the International Committee which reviews and awards annual scholarships to international plastic surgeons. This award subsidizes the recipient to come to the US and do preceptorships with established plastic surgeons.The individual then returns to their native country and is charged with teaching these techniques to the their plastic surgical community.


Dr. Kessler was a guest speaker at the Summit in Aesthetic Medicine conference in May 2013 at the St Regis in Dana Point, CA. He shared his vast experience in breast augmentation surgery, by discussing the latest innovations in Breast Implant Technology.

A Neck Affair featuring Ultherapy

A Neck Affair featuring Ultherapy

Mark your calendars for an Ultherapy special event at Robert W. Kessler’s Office!
We will introduce you to Ultherapy and how it uses ultrasound to lift & tighten skin on the brow, under the chin, and even on the neck…

Article: Hand Rejuvenation

The hands and the face are the only 2 areas of the body which are continuously exposed to the environment and the public. We are all aware of the aging face but little attention has been paid to the aging hand. In fact, the hand is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. As the hand ages volume is lost, the veins and tendons become more prominent and the spaces between the fingers on the back of the hand deepen. The skin appears thinner and the joints appear larger. In addition to this we develop hyperpigmentation or “age spots”.