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arm lift procedureArm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift, is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat and skin from the upper arm. The procedure focuses on reshaping and firming the upper arm region from the axilla (under arm) to the elbow. As we age, our skin gradually begins to lose its elasticity, resulting in droopy or sagging skin. While weight lifting can help to tone arm muscles, it cannot correct the appearance of lax skin.

Ideal candidates for brachioplasty are healthy individuals close to their ideal body weight with realistic expectations. Those with minor excess skin amounts can opt for a mini brachioplasty or skin tightening devices such as Exilis Ultra. Those with moderate to severe skin laxity should have a formal brachioplasty where the surgical incision runs the full length of the arm from axilla to elbow. The incision is placed within the shadow of the biceps muscle and may extend on to the side of the chest wall to remove the braline back fat. The incision length and technique will vary according to each individual’s needs. Liposuction is commonly used when reducing underarm fat.

Brachioplasty is generally performed in an accredited outpatient surgical center under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The length of surgery is between three to five hours.

Following surgery, compressive sleeves or a combination vest and sleeves will minimize swelling. A temporary drainage tube may be placed at the surgery site to prevent fluid collections beneath the skin.

Mild to moderate discomfort should only last a few days and is treated with prescription pain medication. Permanent sutures are used which are removed on the fifth and tenth days post procedure. Surgical swelling resolves within two weeks but contour improvement continues until three months. Most patients can return to work within one week and begin lower extremity exercising at two weeks.

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Your Arm Lift will be performed in Dr. Robert Kessler's surgery center located in Corona Del Mar.

  • 01 What is an Arm Lift?

    An Arm Lift, also referred to as a Brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to improve the contour of the upper arm; an area that is often hard to correct through diet and exercise. The lax skin and tissue is removed, sculpting the upper arm to a pleasing appearance.

  • 02 How is a Brachioplasty performed?

    Dr. Kessler will begin the Brachioplasty procedure by making a thin incision from the axilla (arm pit) down to the elbow. From here, he will excise excess skin and muscle. This is the time when Liposuction, if added to the procedure, will be performed. The upper arm will be sculpted to a healthy, proportionate contour; the tissues are then sutured in place for proper healing.

  • 03 Who is a good candidate for the Brachioplasty procedure?

    Ideal candidates for the Brachioplasty include both men and women. Patients should be in overall good health, be nonsmokers, frustrated with sagging/loose tissues of the upper arm, and have realistic surgical expectations.

  • 04 Where is an Arm Lift performed?

    Dr. Kessler performs surgery at a nearby accredited outpatient Surgery Center.

  • 05 What type of anesthesia is used during a Brachioplasty?

    General anesthesia is used during the Brachioplasty procedure.

  • 06 How long is a Brachioplasty?

    A Brachioplasty will take Dr. Kessler between one and three hours to perform.

  • 07 What can I expect during the recovery from an Arm Lift?

    Patients should expect the recover period after an Arm Lift to take from five to seven days. Initially, mild to moderate pain may be experienced; Dr. Kessler will provide the appropriate pain medications to keep patients comfortable at home. Swelling and bruising are normal. A compression garment will need to be worn over the first few weeks after surgery. Strenuous lifting and exercise should wait for four to six weeks after the Brachioplasty procedure.

  • 08 When can I return to work after a Brachioplasty?

    Patients need to take between three and seven days off work, after their Brachioplasty. After this time, they will normally feel well enough to return to work or school.

  • 09 Will there be scarring after my Arm Lift?

    Yes, an Arm Lift will result in a visible scar, running from underneath the armpit down to the elbow. While this scar will fade over time, it will remain noticeable. Patients are generally pleased with their surgical results, however, and are rarely frustrated by the scar.

  • 10 How long will the results from a Brachioplasty last?

    The results from a Brachioplasty will be long lasting. In order to keep the contour of the arm, patients will need to maintain a proper weight through a healthy lifestyle.

  • 11 What are the risks involved with Brachioplasty?

    The Arm Lift procedure is considered extremely safe. There is always a rare chance that a complication may arise, however. These can include scarring, bleeding, skin discoloration, asymmetry, lymphedema and a loss of sensation in the arm.

  • 12 Can I finance my Arm Lift procedure?

    Patients are welcome to pay with cash, all major credit cards, or to finance their Arm Lift procedures. Through CareCredit, Kessler Plastic Surgery patients can apply for financing online, and obtain immediate approval.

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Kessler is the most caring doctor I have ever met.
The minute he walked into the examination room for my initial consult I liked him and it continues EVERY time I see him.
I had a lower body lift and my arms done. I am so happy with his work. He is a perfectionist and it shows. I am so comfortable with him and I know that when I am in surgery I am in good hands. I am having a breast lift w/ implants on the 20th of Feb and I know I will be as happy then as I am now. Dr Kessler has the best bed side manner and he is very highly recommended. 2/26/06 I have now had 4 surgeries with Dr. Kessler. My last one being a breast lift with implants. I am so happy with all the surgeries I have had with Dr. Kessler. I wanted to combine a couple of surgeries and he told me why he would rather not and I am really glad I listened to him.
With Dr. Kessler you are more than just a patient to him. He really cares. Again, I would recommend him to anyone.
If you read this Dr. Kessler, thank you from the bottom of my heart you have really changed my life.

By L.W.

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Alex D. San Antonio,TX
Dr. Kessler is not only one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met, he is also one of the finest highly skilled physicians around. He truly does care about every patient’s goals and will do whatever he can to help achieve those goals. I had a face/neck lift and...
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Debbie S., Cenby, OR, USA
As both a patient and a professional, Dr. Kessler is the best surgeon I have ever had the pleasure of being treated by, he has amazing surgical skill, takes all the time in the world with you during your care and has the highest standard for his work I have seen for many years. I have...
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Stephen P., Beverly Hills, CA, USA
I am so happy. I am so glad I came to Newport Beach in search of Dr Kessler. You have all made me feel just so ‘relaxed & confident’ in all aspects of this ‘thing’. Dr Kessler is a wonderful person, who is ethical, informative, sincere and a surgical ‘artist’. As I...
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Alejandra B., Mission Viejo, CA,, USA
It has been 6 months since the date of my surgery and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. As you may recall, my previous breast implants became encapsulated resulting in hard, tender and poorly shaped breasts. I was ashamed of how they looked. When my husband and I met with...
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Markee F., Irvine, Ca,USA
Dr. Kessler is definitely a “Best in Class” surgeon. His enthusiasm and love for what he does is evident the first time you meet him. The compassion and care that he gives his patients is beyond measure.He took the time to not only explain the surgery procedure and potential problems...
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Lee W., Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
Dr. Kessler is the most caring doctor I have ever met. The minute he walked into the examination room for my initial consult I liked him and it continues EVERY time I see him. I had a lower body lift and my arms done. I am so happy with his work. He is a perfectionist and it shows....
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Glory E., Dayton, OH, USA
My experience with Dr Rob Kessler was extremely pleasant and has changed my life in the most positive ways. He has performed numeous surgeries on me after I had lost weight with having a gastric stomach bypass. He has perfomed the following surgeries on me: A breast lift, lower body...
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Stephen P., Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Incredible results. Surgical center was great–lots of special care, made you feel very special, spent the night with one to one nursing care with an ICU nurse. Nurse anesthetist was great. VERY postive experience.
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