When you decide to have a facelift surgery performed, you’ll change your appearance dramatically, taking up to 10 years off your appearance. You’ll also have invested a great deal of your own time, energy, and money. Something like this should be safeguarded as much as possible so you can be sure your results are going to be just as you wanted. Don’t waste your time by not doing all you can for the best procedure possible. After all, do-overs will only cost you more of your money, time, and energy. With these five tips, you’ll be better positioned to get facelift results you desire.

No. 1 – Know What Motivates You

What brings you into your surgeon’s office for a consultation? Answering this question before any cosmetic surgery is essential for your mental and emotional well-being. Surgeries are huge life changes that, if not well thought-out, can have damaging effects on your psychological health. If you’re diving through the office door because of a significant life change, like a divorce or a death in the family, then surgery is not the answer you need. At least, surgery isn’t the right choice for you just yet. You may ultimately decide to go through with a surgical procedure at a later time, but you’ll be able to make a less rash decision once the emotional trauma has healed a bit. Any big decision like a facelift should be made after careful deliberation. You’ll love your results so much more if they’re really what you wanted all along.

No. 2 – Imagine Your Best Results

If you’re considering a facelift, you might think this is a one-size-fits-all procedure. The truth is no surgical procedure is designed this way, especially not a facelift. When you consult with your surgeon for your facelift surgery, he’ll want to know what you expect from the procedure. What results are you hoping to see when the bandages come off? Take some time to think beyond “I want a facelift” and instead consider what concerns trouble you the most. If you have jowls, a double chin, wrinkles around the mouth, or sagging skin, mention to your surgeon what your biggest issue truly is. Obviously, he will be able to tell by examining you, but his primary concern is to address all of your troubles with one surgical procedure.

No. 3 – Learn to Ask for Help

After your facelift surgery, you will have to spend a few weeks focused on your own health and recovery. This is the time to ask friends, family, and loved ones to step up and help however they can. Ask them to provide care for your pets and children so you can rest; rely on them for errands you aren’t fit enough to manage; and invite them to keep you company when you need to get your spirits up. The support network you build around yourself can be the deciding factor in how fast your recover (or how slow it seems to go by). In order to fully dedicate yourself to the healing process, plan ahead with your loved ones to get a schedule together for school drop-offs, grocery shopping, pet sitting, or movie nights so that you have a good idea what’s happening when. This will allow you to be worry-free and get the rest you need. Before you know it, you’ll be back on your feet, fully healed, and ready to help them out in return.

No. 4 – Understand Your Risks to Minimize Them

All surgeries involve risks, but this doesn’t mean that all patients are at high risk. Once you take the time to learn about and understand your surgical risks and possible complications, you’re already ahead in the game. Through a consultation, your surgeon will have a clearer idea about the risks you may be facing during or after surgery.

No. 5 – Great Surgical Results Begin With a Great Surgeon

The idea seems simple enough but it is so often ignored for budgetary or other reasons. The quality of your facelift results largely depend on the experience, credentials, and abilities of your facial plastic surgeon. To get the results that you want, it’s okay to be picky and demand only the best surgical hands for your facelift. Begin your journey by choosing a credentialed facial plastic surgeon who will work with you to design the procedure you desire. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Robert Kessler, a board certified general and plastic surgeon, and find out if you’re a good candidate. He completed his medical degree with honors from Tufts University in Boston and completed a distinguished General Surgical Residency with North Short/NYU in New York, prior to a Plastic Surgery residency with the U.S. Air Force and the University of Texas. Today, Dr. Kessler operates two practices in California, has worked as a surgical consultant and surgical assistant on ABC’s Extreme Makeover, and has lectured nationally and internationally on topics including facial rejuvenation, plastic surgery, and body contouring after substantial weight loss. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kessler, contact his office, located at 2121 E Pacific Coast Hwy #200, in Newport Beach, CA, by calling 949.644.6544.

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