Most patients interested in breast augmentation surgery have certain expectations about the procedure before they even walk into a plastic surgeon’s office. For many women, breast implants have been a household term since they were children so it’s easy to see why they are already so well informed. While the basics of the procedure are pretty well known, there are a few hidden facts that might surprise patients. Here are just four of the facts that you should learn before your breast augmentation surgery.

Fact #1 – One Size Does Not Fit All

There is a certain expectation among prospective breast augmentation patients that it’s easy to just pick the cup size you want to have. Many women are quickly surprised to learn that the size of their implants depends on many factors, not just the desired results they decided on when they were swimsuit shopping.

In reality, the elasticity of your skin, the existing composition of your breasts (glandular and fatty tissue), and even the proportions of your chest and body can all play a large role in determining your enhanced breast size. For some women, going from a 36A to a 36B is too small. For other women, that might be the best option. Consult with your plastic surgeon and be open to his recommendations. Your desired results, whether they are subtle or dramatic, will be factored into the decision to ensure you are happy with your results.

Fact #2 – It’s Possible to Manage Post-Operative Pain

Any surgery is going to result in pain and discomfort, some more than others. While the pain experienced following a breast augmentation surgery is not as bad as many patients might be expecting, it’s still enough to make you uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are several methods of pain management that can be used to make your recovery a little easier:

  • Pain medications. Your surgeon will prescribe you something to help increase your comfort and manage the pain. Don’t be afraid to take this medication during the early days of your recovery but be careful to follow the dosages carefully.
  • Cold compresses. Talk to your surgeon about how long and how often you can apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and ease your discomfort.
  • Get enough rest. Avoiding physical activities, even walking back and forth to the kitchen too much, can do a great deal to ease your pain and let your body heal.
  • Try a massage. Your breasts won’t be too sore to touch after surgery, so you can do so gently and slowly. Discuss the proper way to massage your post-operative breasts with your surgeon. Doing this as you recover can help the pain go away more quickly.

Fact #3 – Eventually, Exercise Helps

When you are cleared by your plastic surgeon to resume light activities again, start walking. A natural way to help the body recover after most procedures, an easy walk once a day can do much to help you. The motion may help to reduce the swelling of your breasts while also helping you to adjust to the new weight on your body. Walking is also the best way to keep yourself fit and healthy during any recovery. It might even speed things up a little bit!

Fact #4 – There Will Be Scarring

To perform a breast augmentation surgery, incisions must be made in order to insert the saline or silicone gel implants. The exact placement of your incisions and surgical technique used to perform your surgery will be determined in your consultation. Be aware, however, that the majority of breast augmentation patients do experience some scarring. Most often it is around the areola, under the breast, and in the underarm.

Maintaining low levels of stress, staying hydrating, eating a well-balanced diet, and getting regular light exercise can all help to keep your body’s production of scar tissue to a minimum. Once you are healed from your surgery, however, your scars may be treated in a number of ways to lessen their visibility. Discuss the treatments and strategies available to you with your plastic surgeon.

Choose Your Plastic Surgeon Wisely for Best Results

Schedule your consultation for a breast augmentation with Dr. Robert Kessler, board certified in general and plastic surgery as well as fellowship trained in facial aesthetics, and find out if you’re a good candidate for a breast augmentation procedure. He completed his medical degree with honors from Tufts University in Boston as well as a distinguished General Surgical Residency with North Short/NYU in New York. After completing his general surgical residency, he completed a Plastic Surgery residency with the US Air Force and the University of Texas.

Today, Dr. Kessler operates in California, has worked as a surgical consultant and surgical assistant on ABC’s Extreme Makeover, and has lectured nationally and internationally on topics including facial rejuvenation, plastic surgery, and body contouring. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kessler, contact his office, located at 2121 E Pacific Coast Hwy #200, in Newport Beach, CA, by calling 949.644.6544.

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