Plastic surgery is more popular than ever before, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, who recently released their annual report of procedural statistics. So popular that Americans spent upwards of $16 billion on cosmetic treatments in 2016.

Dr. Rob Kessler, a plastic surgeon serving Newport Beach and the surrounding areas, is pleased that so many people are realizing the incredible benefits of plastic surgery. In this blog post, he explains some of the reasons why plastic surgery is surging in popularity.

Why Is Plastic Surgery On the Rise?

There are a few possible reasons why plastic surgery is experiencing enormous growth.

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, and plastic surgeons see many patients that want to get a leg up on the competition by improving their appearance. Cosmetic treatment can help people enjoy the confidence they need to pursue new jobs or promotions. As the economy rebounds, people have more disposable income to spend on cosmetic improvement.

Another reason why plastic surgery is growing is improved access to information. There are better patient education tools available to spread awareness of plastic surgery. The ASPS and ASAPS websites are incredible resources for anyone interested in plastic surgery.

Additionally, as technology and techniques evolve, surgeries are shorter and require less downtime. Many non-surgical alternatives to procedures like liposuction and skin tightening have emerged, promising fantastic results without incisions, injections or anesthesia.

Most Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures of 2016 included the following:

  • Breast augmentation to enhance small or asymmetrical breasts
  • Liposuction to eliminate unwanted body fat
  • Nose reshaping to fix an oversized or crooked nose
  • Tummy tuck to eliminate loose, saggy skin and excess fat and repair abdominal muscles
  • Buttock augmentation for a fuller and more voluptuous buttocks

Most Popular Cosmetic Non-Surgical Procedures

Some of the most popular non-surgical procedures included the following:

  • Botox injections to smooth frown lines and crow’s feet
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers for firmer facial skin and improved facial contours
  • Chemical peel to eliminate the top layer of damaged skin cells
  • Laser treatment to minimize the appearance of signs of aging

If you are contemplating having cosmetic treatment, Dr. Kessler welcomes you to contact our office and schedule a consultation. During the appointment, he can recommend the best options to accomplish your specific goals. Call 949.644.6544 or email our office today to make your appointment.

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