Is Botox safe? The short answer is, yes. Botox is a safe procedure with minimal risks and side effects, but the key is to go to an experienced and trusted doctor. Like any medical procedure, there can be adverse reactions and undesired consequences if it’s performed incorrectly.

How does Botox Work?

Botox injections are nearly painless injections of toxin botulinum. This toxin is safe in small doses and has been purified for use in Botox treatment. What Botox does is paralyze nerves to relax deep-set wrinkles. Botox is generally used for dynamic wrinkles, meaning those on your face caused by repetitive movement, such as smile lines, crow’s feet and that stubborn wrinkle in between your eyes caused by concentrating or furrowing your brow time and time again.

Yes, Botox can do wonders to get rid of those deep wrinkles, and when combined with facial fillers (volume-adding treatments), can work in parallel to provide a youthful and hydrated appearance. Botox is only injected in minute amounts. Treatment will generally last three to six months, depending on the location and how much has been injected.

Botox treatments are performed right in our office and no general anesthesia is required. And no downtime is necessary. It takes just a day or two to notice the effects but full strength is noted by 5 days—your face will take on a more relaxed appearance, with the wrinkles fading to a minimum.

What can go wrong with Botox?

Because Botox treatment is essentially paralyzing parts of your face, and because the treatment can last several months , it’s critical to go to a licensed, experienced doctor. Botox going wrong can include droopy lids, asymmetry, or perhaps the Botox injection spreading to unwanted locations, thus affecting unintended areas. It’s extremely common to see issues with eyebrows, as so many clients want to have those deep set wrinkles on their forehead improved.

To be candid, receiving treatment from an inexperienced aesthetician or someone not as intimately familiar with the anatomy of the face is a sure risk. Keep in mind, plastic surgeons are extremely familiar with the inner workings of the face—it’s what they deal with every day! While it’s becoming more and more common for spas and medical offices to offer Botox, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most experienced or the best trained.

What can I do to make sure my Botox treatment goes well?

Choosing the right doctor is the first place to start. Choose a doctor with extensive Botox experience. A qualified, experience doctor should have ample testimonials and references. They should be licensed. Botox treatments range fairly widely in price—sometimes you may see pricing based on volume and other times pricing is based on the area treated. You also may find that experienced doctors charge on the higher end for Botox treatments. Focus on the experience of the doctor for this treatment, versus the costs, as your results from injections will be with you for some time and there is no reversal other than waiting it out.

Do you have questions about Botox? We’re here to help. Contact us for a consultation.

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