Society and the media may idealize large breasts, but in reality, they can quite literally be a pain. Backaches, rashes and unwanted attention may all lead you to consider breast reduction surgery. After living with large, heavy breasts for many years, you may find that a breast reduction can pave the way for a more healthy and active lifestyle. In this blog post, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Kessler discusses the signs that indicate you might need a breast reduction surgery.


Overly large breasts can be very heavy. This can place extreme stress on your body, not to mention cause stretch marks on your breasts due to your skin’s decreased elasticity. Types of pain associated with large breasts are as follows:

  • Back, shoulder and neck pain – the added weight of large breasts can tense and pull the muscles in these regions, causing near constant pain
  • Grooves in your shoulder – you may develop indentations in the skin over your shoulder from where your bra straps are being constantly pulled down by the weight of your breasts
  • Skin rashes – sweat and bacteria can build up under the breast, causing itchy and sore rashes to develop


Overly large breasts can make exercising very difficult, which can unfortunately lead to a sedentary lifestyle. While it is possible to find sports bras that offer the proper support, they may still not be able to prevent the back pain often associated with exercise. Even daily activities can be more tiring if you are well-endowed. Any type of exertion can leave you feeling dizzy and out of breath.


Day-to-day activities can become frustrating for many women with a large bra size. For one thing, it can be extremely difficult to find clothes that fit properly. While clothes exist for every body type, specialty garments are often hard and expensive to come by. You may also feel like you draw unwanted attention everywhere you go. Receiving unsolicited stares and comments may make you self-conscious and can even lead to feelings of insecurity and depression.

Breast reduction surgery is a big decision that can have a positive, lasting impact on your life. To learn more about the procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Kessler. Call Kessler Plastic Surgery at 949.644.6544.

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