Brachioplasty, also known as arm lift, is a body contouring procedure with many life-changing effects. The most well-known benefit of the arm lift procedure is, of course, slimmer, more toned arms. In this blog post, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Rob Kessler shares other benefits patients can expect from arm lift.

More Attractive Body Figure

For some people, large, flabby arms are out of proportion with the rest of their upper body. Excess skin on the arms can cause the body shape to appear abnormal, disproportionate or larger than what it really is. By improving the look of the arms, the entire body shape is improved. Additionally, an arm lift can also be combined with other procedures to offer the patient an even more beautiful body shape.

Physical Relief

Surplus skin that hangs off the upper arms can be heavy and difficult to move around. Simple, everyday movements and exercise can be painful as the extra skin chafes on other body parts. By eliminating excess skin, the arms are lighter and easier to move around. Following arm lift, patients are more motivated to stay fit and exercise as they are no longer held back by the physical discomfort that comes with heavy, flabby arms.

More Wardrobe Options

Imagine wearing tank tops, sleeveless dresses and bikini tops you have always wanted, without worrying about embarrassing arm flab and bulges. Following arm lift, patients are thrilled to see that their wardrobe options skyrocket. Not only is it easier to find properly fitted clothing, it’s also much more enjoyable to shop for shirts, dresses, sweaters and jackets.

Boost in Self-Confidence

Flabby arms can cause someone to feel self-conscious or even ashamed of their appearance. With arm lift, the skin around the arms becomes tighter and firmer. Having toned-looking arms can make you feel more athletic, fit and confident. Arm lift can also give you the confidence you need to succeed in all aspects of life, including your relationships and career.

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