For the right candidates, male breast reduction is an extremely rewarding procedure, with many physical and psychological benefits. Patients usually experience some of these benefits very quickly after surgery. In this post, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Rob Kessler highlights some of the most notable benefits that male breast reduction candidates can look forward to.

More Masculine-Looking Physique

Men with a puffy or feminine-looking chest due to gynecomastia can struggle for years with their appearance; they may feel as though their body shape does not reflect their manhood. Male breast reduction removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin to create a flatter and firmer chest contour and classically masculine-looking physique.

Boost of Confidence

Men that used to feel depressed or anxious about their body insecurities feel completely different about themselves after surgery. Male breast reduction patients usually experience an almost-instantaneous boost of confidence, thanks to the way their body looks after surgery. They are free from the worrisome thoughts that once held them back from enjoying life or engaging with other people.

Better-Fitting Clothing

Men with gynecomastia may need to buy baggy, loose-fitting shirts to cover their large chests. After surgery, these men find that clothing fits and flatters much more easily! They usually buy tighter-fitting shirts, sweaters and jackets. They don’t worry about trying to hide the shape of their chest, or whether their breasts are noticeable under clothing. They can take their shirt off at the beach or pool without feeling ashamed.

More Active Lifestyle

Large, heavy breasts make exercise and physical activities challenging. As a result, men with gynecomastia might limit any activity that requires running, jumping or moving around a lot. By reducing the size of the chest, male breast reduction enables men to feel more comfortable and confident exercising, staying active and engaging in physically strenuous activities. Many men feel a renewed commitment to creating healthier lifestyle habits, like eating a healthy diet, practicing portion control and getting plenty of cardiovascular exercise.

Improved Posture

Heavy breasts can cause a man to round his spine and hunch over. This might lead to pain in the spine, poor posture and body language that reads as unapproachable. Reducing the size of the breasts makes it easier to stand up straight, practice good posture and give off an approachable vibe.

Schedule a Breast Reduction Consultation

If you or a loved one feels held back physically or psychologically by oversized breasts, male breast reduction with Dr. Kessler can help. Call or email our practice to schedule an informational consultation with the plastic surgeon.

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