Breast augmentation surgery is an effective way to change your body and achieve the desired look you’ve always wanted. After your surgery, much of the focus of your recovery will be placed on your own healing and recuperation. Once you’ve completed the healing process, however, your thinking will shift elsewhere as you learn how to properly care for your breast implants. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time together in the coming years, so you want your breast implants to look just as great as they did the day you first got them.

Build a Healthy Foundation During Recovery

As it turns out, caring for yourself during your breast augmentation recovery is an important way to care for your breast implants as well. If you commit to a full recovery, your breast implants will have a better chance of lasting much longer, not to mention looking better. The overall health of your breasts will benefit as well, since a smooth recovery tends to mean less stress and more rest. If you want to be sure you’re healing properly from your breast augmentation surgery, follow these simple steps:

  • Take enough time off from work, your social life, and your daily activities to fully heal. You’ll need to plan for at least five days to a week before you can do many of your typical activities again. Save the social engagements, vigorous exercise, and other major commitments for a littler later than that.
  • Do what your plastic surgeon says to do to heal well, including taking your pain medication, applying cold compresses as needed, and changing any bandages as directed, if needed.
  • Always wear the surgical tape, support garment, or other special bra that you were given as you were directed.
  • Skip the strenuous activity for about four to six weeks after your surgery. Even if you’re feeling up to it, go by your doctor’s recommendation to avoid injuries and other complications.
  • Make and keep your follow-up appointments so your plastic surgeon can monitor your recovery process. Detecting any issues early is a great way to minimize complications as the body heals.

Show Some Proper Breast Support

A breast augmentation involves the insertion of breast implants, which increases the total weight of each of your breasts. This significant change in your body should be managed appropriately, so you’ll need to make sure you’re wearing the right bra. After surgery, you’ll wear a special bra-like garment that promotes healing while providing optimum support. You will wear this for many weeks of recovery time, but eventually, you’ll be free to choose a “regular” bra to support your new breasts. Don’t make the mistake of going back to an old bra or choosing one off the rack without trying it on. Talk with your plastic surgeon or consult with a bra specialist to make sure you choose one with the right amount of support and in the right size. Doing so can keep you looking great while delaying sagging for years to come.

For women who are athletic and often involved in sports and activities, don’t forget the importance of a new, well-chosen sports bra. Running, jumping, and other activities will feel different with your breast implants in place. Prepare for a high-impact workout or vigorous outdoor activity with the right gear to keep your breasts in place and well supported.

Learn the Art of Massage

You might feel awkward about it at first, but massaging your breasts everyday can reap tremendous benefits. By gently massaging the breast tissues in a circular motion, you can maintain the softness and suppleness of your implants. Make it a point to work a daily massage into your routine, whether it’s in the shower in the morning or just before you go to bed. Massaging this area keeps the tissues healthy and the implants moving naturally with the surround breast tissue. If you’re nervous about massaging the area correctly, don’t be shy. Speak up and ask for advice from your plastic surgeon so you know for sure that every day you are improving your own breast health.

Keep Yourself Healthy Too

Before your can concentrate on caring for any part of you, you’ll need to establish the framework of a healthy daily lifestyle that supports the inner workings of your body. Living a healthy lifestyle is a great way to continue your surgical after-care into real life. Doing so can boost your overall health as well as your breast health. Be sure to eat a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients and maintain a regular schedule of physical activity—just don’t forget that sports bra!

Exercise is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle following surgery because of the benefits it has for skin. When we exercise, the body’s production of elastin gets a boost and this can keep the skin from becoming lax and starting to sag with age. Elastic skin is a wonderful thing for your breasts, which are often the first area to show this droopiness. Stay well-hydrated as well to further your skin’s health and elasticity. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by developing a new health and wellness routine, talk to your general practitioner, your plastic surgeon, a nutritionist, or a personal trainer to develop your own approach.

Start Your Breast Augmentation Process Today

If you’re hoping to develop a long and healthy relationship with your own breast implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Kessler, a board certified general and facial plastic surgeon, to learn more about what this surgery can do for you. Dr. Kessler completed his medical degree with honors from Tufts University in Boston as well as a distinguished General Surgical Residency with North Short/NYU in New York. Prior to that, he completed a Plastic Surgery residency with the U.S. Air Force and the University of Texas.

Today, Dr. Kessler operates his surgical practice in California, has worked as a surgical consultant and surgical assistant on ABC’s Extreme Makeover, and has lectured nationally and internationally on topics including facial rejuvenation, plastic surgery, and body contouring. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kessler, contact his office, located at 2121 E Pacific Coast Hwy #200, in Newport Beach, CA, by calling 949.644.6544.

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