As a leading plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, Dr. Rob Kessler often meets with men who seek to enhance their physical appearance, but are hesitant to ask questions or move forward with plastic surgery. This may be because plastic surgery has traditionally been associated with women, making some men feel uncomfortable discussing it with others. Here, Dr. Kessler answers some of the most common concerns he hears from his male plastic surgery patients.

Is Plastic Surgery Safe?

When performed by a qualified surgeon such as Dr. Kessler, plastic surgery can deliver safe and beautiful results for both men and women. Although there are possible risks and complications that patients need to know about, your current health is the best predictor of your surgical outcome.  Before surgery, Dr. Kessler meets with his patients to discuss all of the possible risks that come with their plastic surgery procedure. In order to make sure any plastic surgical procedure is safe, patients should disclose their entire medical history to Dr. Kessler.

Will the Results Look Natural?

Most men want their results to be subtle, as they generally don’t want people to know about their plastic surgery. This is especially true for men who seek facial plastic surgery and worry that their results will look unnatural. As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Kessler performs a physical examination of each patient’s features to determine the best way to obtain natural-looking results. He performs male eyelid surgery and facelift by tightening the skin and removing any sagging, excess skin. Dr. Kessler is careful to only remove and tighten the amount of skin necessary to achieve a youthful appearance without making the skin look unnaturally pulled. Men do not have the benefits of wearing makeup or altering their hairstyle or beard to hide scars and so precision in incision placement and hair line manipulation is critical. Male brows also tend to sit lower on the orbital rim so care must be taken to maintain the male pattern eyebrow.

Dr. Kessler also offers his patients a range of minimally invasive procedures that deliver subtle, yet high-quality results. BOTOX and other dermal fillers eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging without the need for incisions. For these treatments, Dr. Kessler will only inject as much filler as the patient feels comfortable with. He will use photos of you when you were younger to help achieve a true rejuvenation.

Will the Results Look Masculine?

A highly skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kessler knows there are several anatomical differences that set the male and female physical features apart. For example, men’s noses, including the nose bridge and nasal width are generally larger and longer than women’s noses. With this in mind, Dr. Kessler can perform non-surgical rhinoplasty to reshape and resize a male patient’s nose to deliver attractive, masculine-looking results.

One popular plastic surgery procedure is specifically designed for men who desire a more masculine appearance. Men embarrassed by the appearance of “man boobs” can enjoy a flatter, more chiseled chest with male breast reduction surgery. Body contouring procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck surgery can help men achieve the flat, toned abs they have always desired. Additionally, facelift can give men a more defined jawline, which is more commonly associated with men than women.

Do you want to learn more about your plastic surgery options? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rob Kessler has helped countless men achieve their plastic surgery goals. Schedule a one-on-one consultation today by calling 949.644.6544.

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