If you are unhappy with your physical appearance after having children, mommy makeover with a trusted plastic surgeon can help fix the areas that bother you and recreate the body you enjoyed before you became a mother.

For the best outcomes, it’s important to understand what mommy makeover can and cannot achieve. Setting reasonable expectations is a crucial piece of the planning process and leads to happier patients overall.

Here, Dr. Rob Kessler, who offers top quality plastic surgery in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas, describes what mommy makeover can and cannot accomplish.

Can Restore an Attractive Breast Shape and Position

Pregnancy and nursing cause the glandular tissue of the breasts to enlarge and the breast skin to stretch out to accommodate the larger breasts. Unfortunately, after weaning, the breasts may return to their baseline volume but the skin might not shrink or contract over the smaller breasts. As a result, the breasts sit lower on the chest and have a flat shape with less upper pole fullness. The nipple-areolar complex may also look stretched-out, sit lower on the breast mound or point downward.

The breast surgery component of a mommy makeover can include breast lift, breast augmentation or both. If you have little to no sagging — just a smaller breast size — placing breast implants alone may provide the desired boost in volume. In you have significant sagging, breast lift can reposition the breasts higher on the chest, recreate fullness in the upper pole of the breast and fix problems with the nipple-areolar complex.

Can Tighten Loose Abdominal Skin and Repair Abdominal Muscles

Pregnancy causes the abdominal skin to stretch and the abdominal wall to distort in order to accommodate the growing fetus. Sadly, in many cases, the skin does not contract over the smaller abdomen after giving birth. To compound the problem, exercise cannot fix damaged or separated muscles.

The abdominal surgery component of mommy makeover includes tummy tuck to address all of these problems. During the operation, excess fat and excess lower abdominal skin are removed and the muscles of the abdominal wall are sutured together. The result is a flatter and firmer abdomen and a more attractive silhouette.

Can Eliminate Pockets of Unwanted Fat around the Body

Some expectant mothers gain weight in other places besides the abdomen during pregnancy and have trouble targeting it with exercise and diet. Liposuction can be used to sculpt stubborn pockets of fat on the buttocks, hips, legs, back and upper arms.

Cannot Save a Failing Relationship

Although mommy makeover can improve your appearance, which can correlate with more self-confidence and possibly more intimacy, it won’t save a failing relationship. If your relationship is already in jeopardy, mommy makeover treatment may actually increase your stress levels.

Cannot Make You Lose Weight

You will see the best results from mommy makeover if you are around your target weight. If you’re expecting to lose weight from mommy makeover, you will be disappointed with your results.

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