As a leading plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, Dr. Rob Kessler welcomes all questions and inquiries from his patients. One topic that many patients are curious about is when is it appropriate to resume sexual intercourse following tummy tuck surgery. While some patients may be embarrassed to ask this question, it is certainly an important issue worth addressing. In this blog post, the trusted plastic surgeon answers the question in detail.

The Recommended Wait Period

Like all serious surgical procedures, tummy tuck surgery requires a certain amount of recovery time. As a general guideline, Dr. Kessler recommends his patients avoid strenuous activity (including exercise and sex) for at least the first after surgery. This is because most patients experience bruising and swelling during these two weeks, and strenuous activity of any kind can increase discomfort or even cause the incisions to reopen. Keep in mind that each patient’s recovery timeline is different, and your plastic surgeon may recommend you wait longer than two weeks. Your ability to safely resume having sex will depend on several factors, including muscle repair and incision healing.

Once you get clearance from your plastic surgeon to resume sexual activity, you should still avoid putting weight on your abdomen for at least six weeks after surgery. Your surgeon may recommend you only resume intercourse that involves non-weight bearing positions (i.e., on your side) in order to avoid hurting yourself.

Bottom Line: Listen To Your Body (and Your Plastic Surgeon)

When it comes to resuming sexual activity, your personal level of comfort will be a large factor. Use your body as a guide: if it hurts, don’t do it! It is also important to openly discuss your healing progress with your plastic surgeon during your post-op visits. Let him or her know of any pain or discomfort you may be feeling. By giving yourself the time you need to recover, you will be more likely to have long-lasting results you love. You will also find that waiting until you are fully healed to resume exercise and sexual intercourse will make these activities much more enjoyable. In fact, many women comment on the improvement of sexual experience after healing from tummy tuck due to the elevation of the pubic area.

To learn more about tummy tuck surgery, including the recovery process, reach out to Dr. Kessler. Please schedule a one-on-one consultation by calling 949.644.6544 today.

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