Breast augmentation can do much for your self-image, confidence level, and your body shape. Many women who opt for this surgery intend for their results to last forever, but that’s not the case. Although implants have come a long way since breast augmentation first became popular, today’s breast implants may still need replacement or adjustment. In other cases, women simply decide to change the size of their implants, which also leads to a breast revision surgery.

Why Revise Your Breast Surgery?

Many different reasons exist for seeking a revision to a previous breast augmentation surgery. Between complications, unsatisfactory results, a change of opinion, and other factors, the list seems to go on and on. Most patients who seek breast revision surgery do so for the following reasons:

  • Capsular contracture, or an excess of scar tissue around the breast implants
  • A ruptured implant
  • Asymmetry of the breasts
  • Implant malposition
  • Desire for smaller or larger breasts
  • End of the implant life span, usually 10 to 15 years

Whatever the initial reason for your breast revision, a credentialed plastic surgeon should handle your procedure and get you the renewed results you wanted all along.

What Is the Breast Revision Procedure Like?

During a breast revision surgery, different techniques may be used than those that were employed for your original breast augmentation. In fact, the incision used will depend on the problem that has caused the need for implant replacement. Typically, periareola incisions are made just beneath the nipple, but circumferential incisions around the areola and inverted T-incisions are also common options. For some patients, the previous incision scars can be used as a guideline for placing the new incision.

Next, your surgeon will focus on the problem with your breast or breasts. He can reposition nipples, adjust the placement of the implant, replace or remove the implants, and more. By the end of your surgery, your breasts will be improved in shape, projection and symmetry. After surgery, it is common to experience some swelling, redness, and discomfort in the area. The exact nature of your recovery will depend on what work was performed on your breasts, so talk to your plastic surgeon about your personal recovery timeframe.

How Do I Know When I Need Breast Revision Surgery?

Deciding if breast revision surgery is necessary for you will depend heavily on what factors contribute to your dissatisfaction with your results. If you are having a revision done in order to repair problems resulting from your first breast augmentation, such as capsular contracture, then you may want to plan for surgery as soon as possible. In some cases, revision surgery can actually help to keep you healthy so talk to your doctor about your concerns.

If you’re seeking breast revision to correct unwanted results, like breasts that are asymmetrical or too small, then the ball is really in your own court. These issues aren’t life-threatening and, while important, they can be decided on your own time. Candidates for breast revision surgery should be in good overall health, not smoke, and have specific concerns for their breasts, regardless of what they are.

For patients with breast implants, either saline or silicone, it’s often surprising to learn that they don’t last forever. The average life span of a breast implant is 10 to 15 years, thus most women who have had a breast augmentation surgery will face implant revision. Discuss with your plastic surgeon the signs of deterioration so you can be on the lookout for issues with your own implants.

Where Can I Learn More About Breast Revision?

Discover the answers you need about your specific concerns and needs for breast reconstruction. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Robert Kessler, a board certified general and plastic surgeon, and find out if you’re a good candidate. He completed his medical degree with honors from Tufts University in Boston and completed a distinguished General Surgical Residency with North Short/NYU in New York. Prior to this he completed a Plastic Surgery residency with the US Air Force and the University of Texas.

Today, Dr. Kessler operates two practices in California, has worked as a surgical consultant and surgical assistant on ABC’s Extreme Makeover, and has lectured nationally and internationally on topics including facial rejuvenation, plastic surgery, and body contouring after substantial weight loss. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kessler, contact his office, located at 212121 E Pacific Coast Hwy #200, in Newport Beach, CA, by calling 949.644.6544.

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