According to recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a record number of patients underwent lip augmentation in 2015, making it the second-fastest growing facial procedure (right behind dermabrasion) in the U.S. since 2000. And while lip implants are still popular, recent numbers show more people are opting for dermal fillers to plump their lips. Injectables were behind nearly 9.2 million lip procedures in 2015, an increase of more than 1,000 percent since the year 2000.

So why the sharp increase in popularity? Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Rob Kessler shares a few reasons behind the surge.


Several studies show people’s desire to look good has increased with social media. Snapping the perfect photo has become important for many who use social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn and countless dating sites have only put more pressure on making a good first impression with the right photo.

“We live in the age of the selfie,” according to ASPS president David H. Song, M.D. “And because we see images of ourselves almost constantly on social media, we’re much more aware of how our lips look.”


People have long used celebrities as a source of inspiration for fashion and beauty. Recently, ASPS asked over a thousand women which celebrity’s lips they would most like to have. Young Hollywood actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson came in first and second, respectively, thanks to their sultry, enviable lips. Angelina Jolie, who has long been admired for her fuller pout, came in third.

Temporary Results

For people who wish to enhance their facial appearance but are not ready to undergo a surgical procedure, treatment with dermal fillers is a great option. Lip implants offer permanent results, and if a patient is not satisfied with their results, they must undergo another procedure to have the implants removed. Dermal fillers can temporarily and subtly change the shape and size of the lips. If a patient is not happy with the initial results, adjustments can be made during subsequent treatments to achieve the desired look.

As an additional benefit, dermal fillers fill in wrinkles and creases, including those on the lips and around the mouth. This allows patients to not only get the fuller, luscious lips they desire, but also rejuvenate their appearance.

Talk to Dr. Kessler about Your Lip Augmentation Options

Dr. Kessler offers several dermal fillers, including Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Juvederm Ultra XC and Restylane, to give you the beautiful, sculpted lips you desire. The Newport Beach plastic surgeon is also pleased to announce that the Juvederm product line is expanding. Juvederm Volbella is an injectable filler from Allergan, recently approved by the FDA and designed to improve lip contour and volume. This exciting new addition is scheduled to be available by the end of this year.

To learn more about your lip augmentation options with Dr. Kessler, schedule a one-on-one consultation by calling 949.644.6544 today.

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