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Vanquish Fat Removal

Vanquish Fat Removal in Newport Beach

Individual Results May Vary

Are you tired of struggling in the gym and restricting calories, and still seeing fat and flab on your stomach, back, thighs or elsewhere on your body? Vanquish is the latest in fat removal technology, creating a slimmer, smoother body shape without surgery.*

An FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment, the Vanquish treatment uses a radiofrequency (RF) device to deliver RF waves that target and eliminate fat cells in the treatment area.* The target area is typically characterized by a stubborn fat bulge (often on the stomach, back or thighs) that resists healthy diet and exercise habits. And since a Vanquish treatment uses RF energy to target fat cells that are deep in the fat layer, it is considered a safe and effective non-surgical alternative to liposuction, with beautiful and measurable results.*

The Vanquish Fat Removal Treatment


Individual Results May Vary

During a Vanquish treatment, an applicator panel is placed around, but not touching, the body part being treated. High-frequency RF waves are administered to the site, eliminating fat cells which are then metabolized by the body and removed naturally through urination. The treatment involves no pain, and patients report feeling a slight heating sensation, like having a heating pad placed on them. One treatment lasts 30 to 45 minutes. For optimal results, a series of between four and six treatments spaced one week apart is recommended. An estimated 20 percent of fat cells in the treatment area are destroyed after just four treatments.*

Recovery and Results

There is no recovery and zero downtime after a Vanquish treatment. Patients can return to work, exercise and engage in normal daily life immediately afterwards.* Some patients may experience some redness and tenderness, which dissipates a couple of hours after treatment.*

Most patients can expect to see an improvement in their body as soon as two weeks after their last treatment.* They will notice that their clothes fit better and their body feels more defined, as the problem area seems to melt away.* The full effects of the Vanquish treatment will be noticeable after two to three months.* These results are that the fat cells destroyed in a Vanquish treatment will never regenerate; however, as any weight gained will be distributed throughout the body, proper diet and exercise habits still need to be followed to maintain the most desirable results.*

What is Vanquish Fat Removal?

Vanquish is a non-surgical, non-invasive, FDA-approved fat removal treatment that uses radiofrequency waves to destroy fat cells in the treated area for a sleeker, slimmer and more attractive body shape.*

What happens during a Vanquish Fat Removal Treatment?

The Vanquish device panel is placed around the area being treated, without making contact with the body. The panel delivers radiofrequency energy to the body, sounding deep into the layers of fat to eliminate fat cells, which are then broken down and naturally removed by the body in a safe and painless process.

Who is a good candidate for Vanquish fat removal?

A good Vanquish candidate is at a healthy weight but still has stubborn pockets of fat on their body that are resistant to diet and exercise. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are not considered good candidates for treatment.

Where is Vanquish fat removal treatment performed?

Vanquish treatments are performed in the Kessler Plastic Surgery office.

What type of anesthesia is used during Vanquish fat removal treatment?

No anesthesia is needed for Vanquish treatment, as the treatment is pain-free.

How long does a Vanquish fat removal treatment last?

One Vanquish treatment lasts 30 to 45 minutes.

How many Vanquish treatments do I need?

Though the amount of treatments needed vary per patient, most patients require four to six treatments (spaced one week apart) to achieve their desired results.*

What kind of recovery can I expect after Vanquish fat removal treatment?

There is no recovery period after Vanquish treatment, and patients can return to normal daily activities immediately.*

When can I return to work after Vanquish treatment?

Patients can return to work immediately after treatment.*

When will I see the results from Vanquish treatment?

Patients have reported seeing a difference in their body as soon as a week after treatment, however the final results of treatment will be noticeable after two or three months.*

How long will my Vanquish results last?

The fat cells destroyed during treatment will never regrow in that area.* However, any weight gained after treatment will be distributed more evenly around the body, so it is important to practice healthy lifestyle habits in order to maintain the new, sleeker contours Vanquish delivers.

Will the Vanquish treatment leave scars?

As Vanquish treatment is non-invasive and does not require incisions or direct contact with the body, it does not cause scarring.

Can I finance my Vanquish fat removal treatment?

Yes, patients interested in the Vanquish fat removal treatment can receive medical financing through Alphaeon Credit. To apply for one of the Alphaeon Credit financing plans, some of which require no money down, go to http://www.alphaeon.com.

*Your Results May Vary

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