Photo Credit: Ken Steinhardt, The Orange County Register

Who hasn’t! Joan Rivers herself selected her as the “next breakout star”

Cindy is a producer of the Funniest Housewives of Orange County, which features all headliner female comedians. They travel all over the country selling out shows. Cindy has appeared on Oprah and on the Tonight Show. She’s also a close friend and long time patient of Dr. Kessler.

Cindy says she is a 25 year old trapped in the body of a 55 year old. In her stand-up, she frequently jokes about her various cosmetic procedures. Which makes sense, because on her shows, she’s the Anti-Aging Housewife. What many people don’t know (unless they’ve been to her show), is that Cindy was recently diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

The news initially took a toll on her health. She lost 12 pounds in three weeks. But she has been battling this obstacle the best way she knows how, with positivity and laughter as her best medicine. Cindy took control of her destiny through a clean diet, a positive mind set, and healthy relationships. She looked in the mirror and decided that the positivity radiating inside of her needed to match the outside. She needed to look as good as she felt.

That’s where Dr. Kessler came in. He provided Cindy with what she felt, “made all of the difference in the world.” Cindy received Sculptra and Voluma facial fillers and Ulthera for facial and neck lifting. It made her feel like herself again on stage. Now she wants to pay it forward by sharing her story on his blog in order to help others overcome adversity through laughter. Make sure you don’t miss her blog series and other cosmetic surgery insights and news! Sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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