My experience with Dr Rob Kessler was extremely pleasant and has changed my life in the most positive ways. He has performed numerous surgeries on me after I had lost weight with having a gastric stomach bypass. He has performed the following surgeries on me: A breast lift, lower body lift, breasts implants, and medial thigh lifts on both legs. The surgeries were a complete success and both patient (me) and doctor were very pleased with the outcome of all the surgeries.

Dr Rob Kessler is very professional and is an expert in the field of plastic surgery. He comes highly recommended by me because he took the challenge of completely restructuring me to the person I am today when other doctors saw me as a high risk patient with too much fab/skin to remove. He did the extreme makeover on me before there was an extreme makeover show in which he is a team member on Dr Garth Fishers team on Extreme Makeover. That’s how good he is.

I would like to reunite with him sometime in the future to possibly have some face work done. It would be a great reunion for us both. Dr. Rob W. Kessler is an awesome doctor.