I have been thinking about doing a Face Lift for several years.
I saw a friend of mine over Thanksgiving who looked so rejuvenated and youthful yet herself.
She shared her secret it was Dr. Kessler’s face lift from Newport Beach, CA.
I did not want to travel from Ohio to Newport but did want the results that he gave my girlfriend so I decided to take the trip.
It was the best decision I made.
I was so happy to learn about his technique as he is very well trained and took his time explaining everything to me.
I not only had the best Face Lift but was not in pain or discomfort.
There was little if no bruising or swelling and I came back with in 14 day looking more youthful yet myself.
There is no signs or evidence that I had surgery other than I look FABULOUS
Thank you Dr. Kessler and your staff for not only giving me the Royal Treatment but making me feel beautiful again.