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Collagen Treatment


Smooth, supple skin is the trademark of youthful beauty. Age, heredity, and sun exposure can do a lot to work against a person’s appearance. Collagen has been a go-to source for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles for several years.* Wrinkles and creases, such as crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, and smile lines can be greatly improved with the use of collagen.* Collagen fillers can also be used to raise depressed scars or add volume to ill-defined facial features.*

What’s Collagen?

Collagen is a protein found in connective tissue. As a large component of the skin, collagen is what gives it elasticity and firmness. With age comes a decrease and breakdown in production, causing loose sagging skin and wrinkles. Each facial expression puts added strain on the existing collagen. Injections are a great supplement to the skin’s natural collagen.* There are many forms of collagen fillers available on the market.

How the Procedure Works

Injections of collagen are performed in the office, typically without anesthesia, in under an hour. Discomfort is very minor when performed with skill.* Many types of filler contain a local anesthetic medication in the formula. First the sites are cleaned and injection points are marked. A very thin needle injects the filler beneath the skin at sites where extra volume is needed. Deep wrinkles and creases may require more treatment than others.*

After Treatment

Some minor discomfort may be felt following the procedure, and swelling and bruising may also occur.* These side effects typically subside within 48 hours.* Some redness may occur as well.* Cold compresses and avoidance of heat and sun exposure can help. Little to no downtime is needed, and most patients resume normal activity immediately following collagen injections.* Results are long lasting, but temporary.* Follow-up injections of collagen will be needed after 3 to 6 months.* It is also common to get complementary procedures done in combination with collagen injections, such as BOTOX injections.

*Your Results May Vary

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Your results may vary

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