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Sculptra Treatment

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The firm, smooth appearance of youthful skin is largely attributed to collagen. As people age, their collagen production decreases and skin laxity increases. In order to smooth deep facial wrinkles the skin must either be surgically tightened or facial fillers can be used to replace lost collagen.

Sculptra helps create a more youthful appearance through a series of treatments.* By replacing lost collagen in the face, the skin gradually becomes smoother and receives a natural looking fullness.

How Sculptra is Used

Sculptra is an ideal facial filler for the mobile submalar region of the face and the pre-jowl area found on either side of the chin. Healthy men and women with mid-face volume loss over the age of 30 may be strong candidates for treatment with Sculptra. Performed in the office, injections take about 30 minutes. Anesthesia is not necessary for the non-invasive procedure because local anesthetic is included in the product.

Sculptra is made of a synthetic biocompatible and biodegradable material called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). Injections are made just under the skin in the submalar cheeks of the face, also known as smile lines, using specialized injection techniques. Sculptra may also be used in the marionette lines around the mouth, to improve the appearance of chin wrinkles, and to add volume in the mid-face and other sunken areas.*

Multiple injections are made during the procedure using a fine needle. Repeat treatments may be needed several weeks after the initial series of injections to yield the best results. Not following through with the recommended follow-up injections can impede the achievement of a patient’s aesthetic goals.

The Results

Patients may return to work immediately after Sculptra treatments, but should take it easy for the first 24 hours.* Some bruising may occur at the injection site but is only temporary.* Some swelling and redness can also appear which can linger for a few hours to a few days.* Massaging the treated area afterwards will help ensure that the filler is distributed evenly beneath the skin.

Smoother skin will gradually appear as the injections replace collagen in the skin and build a stronger support structure. Desirable results may last for up to 18 months.* Some patients have experienced success with the product for two years or more.*

*Your Results May Vary

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Your results may vary

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